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Cloud Fax Service

Product Spotlight

No capital outlay

Our Cloud Fax Service eliminates the need to purchase fax hardware, fax software, and phone lines. Additionally,no setup fees or monthly fees apply for outbound faxing, you only pay for what you fax.

Quick Implementation

Incorporation  into existing corporate applications or into custom applications is quick and easy. The  developer API offers support for a wide variety of development languages and seamlessly integrates into your application scripts.

No training required 

Once incorporated into the corporate application, no special training is required. Sending faxes is as easy as sending a standard email message.


Does not require a designated in- house IT administrator to maintain hardware, software, and phone lines.


It is fully scalable  in that  it expands and contracts naturally with your faxing requirements.

Cost Control

Manage your faxing cost centers online through web-based screens. View documents, creation times, and costs of individual faxes.

Privacy and Security

Protect your documents by using SSL/PKI encryption. Address confidentiality concerns by using enhanced privacy features.

No Installations

Send faxes from your regular email program with no installations. There are no phone lines, no modems, and no software to install.

Excellent Rates

Low rates, combined with no setup charges or monthly subscription fees offer you the best value around.

Our Cloud fax service lowers costs, goes beyond conventional faxing,  and  easily integrates into todays workforce environment.

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